((V.2 of my attempt to chronicle my Stand-up comedy career.))

((V.1 can be found at http://samishah.blogspot.com))

Sami Shah is a comedian, writer, producer, creative director, husband, father and sapien. Not in that order.

He performs stand-up comedy in Pakistan and writes editorial columns for the Express Tribune every Thursday.

He can be contacted on samishah@gmail.com

He will stop talking in third-person now.


4 comments on “About

  1. Sami,
    We want to take your “FUNNY” further. We have a small video website vidpk.com and want to feature your shows prominently on the home page.
    I know you are like “Agaye ek aur” with their “scam-like-money-grabbing-pathetic-business-proposals” but No, we won’t be charging anything for this. We just want to feature some top quality content on our website and plus, we know comedians are too broke to pay 🙂 JK.

    Let’s talk further if it sounds even remotely interesting.

    P.S. Don’t judge the website by its current look. We are dping some serious re-vamping.

  2. Oh My God! You’re amazing comedian. I love your show on dawn Sami. It has always got hilarious content with the satirical rejuvenation. Love it man! 😀
    Keep it up and keep it rolling, yo!

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