13 comments on “GOOGLE THYSELF NO MORE…

  1. THANK YOU sami shah! as you have allowed cursewords i must also say FUCKYOU critics who have nothing but criticism and nothing else in this world to offer to anyone. kuch kaam dikha ke baat karo bhe!ch&^o! Sami you are a realperson with real mistakes and good points, but they are leechur,mostly harmless unless they attach your skin.

  2. wow i am impressed – there was a lot of viciousness out there and its very brave of you to admit your own, and courageous of you to call everyone out on theirs.

    plus, the positive is that you can do a great piece on all the haters during a show – which is way cooler than tweets and comments. as wajahat s khan told me today, you have to learn how to use the hype.

  3. Usually, a good defense would be to act peculiarly extra nice.

    Thrill-seeking commenter: You’re an asshole.

    You: Oh why thankyou 🙂 Comes by naturally.


  4. For whatever its worth, i’d like to apologize in case you found any of my comments overly offensive. Echoing what KK said, it takes a brave man to admit they’ve made a mistake on a comment thread full of sharks.

  5. man don’t give a fuck about the haters..

    you know howard stern.. there are people who love him and there are ppl who hate him..

    so they did a survey asking ppl who love his show ‘why do you listen to howard stern’.. they said “coz we wanna know what he says next”

    then he asked the ppl who hated him “why do you listen to him”.. and they said

    “coz we wanna know what he says next”!!!

    ppl hate only those who they care enough about

    the haters care enough about you to be able to hate you..

    you’ve influenced their hearts and minds! and they’ve enough love for you to spend the time and energy to tell you that they want to love you but they just don’t like your stuff..

    which doesn’t matter.. coz it’s good to polarize ppl.. have ppl who love you too much and hate you too much..

    that’s a sign that you’re worthy enough..
    and you’ve got the signal loud and clear!

    so don’t give a shit what anyone says..

    am coming to your show this thu.. just do your shit and make us laugh 🙂

  6. Hey Sami, how’s it going? I was reading some old comments at my blog and thought I’d look you up. Seems like things are well. Keep on truckin’.

  7. I read that wordpress article as well. I thought the editing took out a lot from the article, There’s a way your friend writes, and its mostly what makes me go read him.

    Anyway, you are right about the comments. They were vile but hey, there are haters out there. Dont let them make you one.

    I love you and i love him. You guys are probably the only brand of funny i have come across here that I cant get enough off. I leave work on time on Mondays so i can catch your show. I can’t wait till the day you drop by our part of the country, Islamabad. Me and my husband even send in our love problems to you guys.

    The point. I think the kind of loyalty and appreciation you drive is also very hardcore. Not everyone can get that kinda fan-dome.So enjoy that 🙂


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