4 comments on “VIVA LA VIDA VISA…

  1. Hahahaha, who knew Australian Visas were so hard to come by. I would, however, like to invite you to our school to come and give a talk on behalf of our journalism society. You might get some sonnets from there. I promise.
    And, Fantasy please. ^^

  2. I am so sorry, I hope and pray and that invite you next year just to make it up to you. You will

    then become rich and famous and even promote your novel which you are beginning to write.

    Plz continue with ” Noir” , above seemed boring and Sci-Fi is sooo not for Pakistanis.

    P.S have you read chetan bhagat? I have heard he’s good…Anyway Good Luck !

  3. Stumbled here. Wow.

    You inspire me, beautiful man. I’ve always wanted to be a standup comedian. Not really.. but still. What do I do? :<

    Continue with the Sci-Fi. Sounds awesome. I'd love to read about qasayi struggling with his light-saber! Or old people cursing the technology. Ha.

    I can't watch your videos. :[ I have dial-up. Yes, I still have dial-up. I live far away from the city so it kinda sucks. But it's all cool 'cause there are nuclear labs here. <- Not joking at ALL.

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