13 comments on “ANYA ARRIVES…

  1. Sami, this is an amazingly touching tribute both to women in general, and to your wife and daughter in particular. Well done.

    But I do want to make one small comment. At the end, you say “And all I can pray for is that she has her mother’s strength. Because her father was too weak to even make this world a better place for her to come into.” I have to say, my friend, I beg to differ. Anya’s father is a man who isn’t afraid to stand on a stage and publicly criticize the problems she will have to face.

    As a guy who does comedy in the west, where we are largely allowed to say and do anything we want on a stage without fear of prison, or worse, the courage and insight you’ve always showed in your material is an inspiration to me. As you looked at looked at Ishma in labour and wondered where she found the strength and the courage to persevere, comedians the world over can look at your act and wonder where you get the courage and strength to persevere.

    Anya has a father to be proud of, IMO, and a man who has, in his own small way, most certainly made the world a better place for her. Congrats on the new addition.

  2. Congratulations on Anya! 🙂

    And I’m sure you’ll make her world a beautiful one, just like my parents made for me! 😀

  3. Hey Sami, that’s a beautiful piece. i just loved it, its amazing. Congrats to you and your wife!

  4. brilliant post on anya!!
    miss u guys alot!
    and your right Ishma is the greatest mom that could ever exist! and she is an even better sister!
    love you both!
    first time i am reading your blog DADISH!!
    tc and take care of that little angel.. untill i get back!
    and then shes alllll MINE!!!!

  5. congratulations on becoming a dad!:)
    i wish and hope and pray that one day i write a post about my beautiful daughter and how she will change my world for me. i cannot wait!

  6. Beautifully, beautifully written man!
    And congrats on the baby girl! 🙂 May she be strong as her mother, but never have to use that strength! 🙂

  7. well written 🙂 some people understands women’s strength at some point of time but some just dont ever *sigh*

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