14 comments on “LOVE WILL KILL US ALL…

  1. just passing by your blog and reading this post I realised I am living your past. Can’t tell how relieved I feel to know there is hope 😉 cheers mate, to all those speeches we never delivered!

  2. EID MUBARAK,but do you think that celebrating eid on different days is a muslim-divided theme or just a tradition,we should accept that or remain bitter………read on dannish-dannish.blogspot.com/

  3. Your heartache now will be related to your wife. If that thought doesn’t scare you… have a fight with her. I can guarantee that you would never again want to feel what you want to feel.

  4. it’s strange…i miss the melancholy so much, as well. i can’t relate to any of the music i love, sing as loud as i can while driving around alone, listening to angst ridden songs about how love, men and women are all such bitches. it annoys me that the most beautiful lyrics and poems are always about unrequited love.

    i think i pick half the fights that i do (with my partner) just to get in touch with that part of myself which used to worry so much about love and soulmates (that and because i’m a crazy, self-destructive bitch on steroids).

  5. That was beautiful. Intimate. Totally relate-able.
    You could easily write a movie-script based on this (well, atleast one of those slow art movies that I tend to watch). There’s always a bright side in these movies, some laughs, to contrast against the sadness.

    Your moview could be a mix of comedy and sadness … a new genre … Manic Depressive Action Movie! Haha. I’m SERIOUS!

    “Wait, is this part supposed to be funny?”
    “Hey, if you didn’t get the joke, it could be passed off as the sad-part of the movie, oscar winning stuff.”


    An idea for a stand-up comedy segment? Go for it 🙂

    You’re a brave man — for revealing your deep thoughts.
    Haven’t been to your blog in a while; glad I did today 🙂

  6. if there are more men like you facing the same dilemma, please contact me, i have tons of emotional crap you guys are welcome to feed off from. each truckload of emotional crap will cost Rs.100,000.

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