1. 400RS!!!!
    yea right.
    have my ticket kept at the gate in a white envelope with my name on it!
    sarzz and i will be in the front row to you yell out reprimands everytime you use a cuss word.
    just like last time.

  2. i don’t think it’s a question of karachi needing to get back up (that goes without saying, and anyway karachi has always been good at it) but a question of karachi needing to get back! — at everyone intent on bringing it to its knees.

    o the apathy, the apathy!

  3. does that mean 400 is too much or too little?

    i’d say (from what i’ve heard) don’t sell yourself short, man. hopefully some day i’ll be in karachi when you perform. i’d like to see what all the hype is about.

  4. dude! i came, i saw, and i almost laughed my guts out!

    it was an amazing performance! and funny as hell!

    even though i had already read most of the stuff on the blog previously, it was still funny the way it was articulated. looking forward to more great performances, however, please do re-think the ticket pricing model :p

    thumbs up!

    i’ll have a review up soon, maybe on metblogs too..

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