1. dude
    i wish i had something to say in defense of my alma mater. i don’t know if it’s the parents, the teachers, the westernization of karachi or what, but reading this makes me sad knowing that its true and knowing that this wasn’t the case fifteen years ago.

  2. Lol….. Damn…. does this kind of things happens in KGS particular or in all schools?? and to think my kid will soon be part of all this 😦 Sad

  3. Hey Sami, for your sake I’m glad you didn’t perform. We too were offered to come do a spot but I declined because…well…we all know what happened last time we performed at a mela!

    While I realize that the scenario may have appeared like a teenage wasteland, In defense of my alma mater I wanted to say that most of the activities there were a lot of fun and family oriented and it was the kind of place you could have taken your kids to. The music and the dj and the dance-off stuff, while well intentioned became very ghetto very quickly.. As for the depravity of the kids, i think it’s a little unfair to imply they were all from KGS and they were all gangstas and ho’s..because lets face it, kids are fucked up all over karachi…and hell..most of the adults are fucked up too…(ref: to Daily Times Sunday)

    So anyway, most people abroad will read this and think of an adolescent Sodom and Gomorrah, when i just want to say it really was a lot of fun and family friendly. Except for Motor-LORA and their corporate ambush, the whole thing wasnt so bad.

    And yeah, some of those mom’s were smokin hot….

  4. I soooo know what you went through at the mela….I don’t know its times like these when I feel like maybe I’ve aged or something cause I’m at a point where at times I just say “Kids these days” and then Im like damn!! I’m old…..
    It’s weird since the teenagers today are way too “western” than what we were at our times plus I have totally passed that stage in life now and then there are elder lot in the family with which I totally can’t relate with either…..seems like at this point I can’t be classified into any of the two groups so I feel rather “left out”. Weird!

  5. Sami, I salute you for what you did… or what you decided not to do rather…

    It was exactly the same back in my days at KGS in the 80s… these fucking decadent KGS elitists will never change… but yeah, I agree with OBA about the MILFs… God Bless ’em!

  6. Sami this article certainly deserves to be in your compilation of The Complete Works of Sami Shah (whenever you decide to publish them). Sorry the show didn’t pan out as planned but your post was absolutely hilarious.

  7. I was gonna do an “in defense of my alma mater” post, but what the hell. You summed it up pretty well.

    But, in its defense (yes, I couldn’t resist), the intellectual elements of the school will not (and ARE not) meant to shine on the day of the mela. And I remember KGS as the craziest mix of really smart people and stoner’s I have ever seen in the same place (and I didn’t graduate too long ago).

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  9. I think its not just the KGS, but the whole country which has lost the plot – whatever semblance of one we had.

    The ‘intellectual elite’ and the ‘mulla brigade’ are pulling in opposite directions; one shudders to think what further wearing and tearing this tug of war will put the nation through.

    I remember an Independence Day function organized by the Young Pakistani Professionals in the UAE where the star attraction was… get this … A FASHION SHOW! Ironic does not begin to describe it all.

    Very good post.

  10. Hmm…looks like you Were serious about the funny block. Where are you, man? Karachi misses you much.

  11. What the people want to know is whether you still do your Mr. Bean impression or not!
    Ah Porche … the Olde English portico …

  12. “I turned to the organizer, told them they can keep the payment and lets just call it even.” You do realize this sounds as if you had paid them to let you perform?

    on a side note, its been a pleasure discovering yours and olive reams blogs. I was beginging to loose faith in Paki bloggers

  13. i know this is a digression
    but if we take a look at comment no. 6 (if i remember correctly), the dichotomy between the blog address of the poster and the comment itself is excruciatingly.. amusing..

    anyways, good day people

  14. teenages r totally screwed up man … its like all tht they hav left in life is to smoke their asses off n then in the end they die and the reason being their careless attitude towards their health … specially the KGS kids … they think they’re kooler than everyone else … i kno a couple of them personally and they dun respect their parents only coz they r uncool or r not the type of parents tht their frends wud like … they try impressin their frends which is exactly wht the western culture has taught them …

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  19. Oh, for Lord’s sake, Sami, please confirm your existence before this completely turns into advertisement hell! This is a request from people like me who check for updates from your end everyday. Yes, I have better things to do, and reading up on your work is one of them. Right now, it is extremely disappointing to see your writings fall into ruins amidst this nonsensical clutter. ‘Your’ civilization, Sami, deserves better.

  20. that is so true! i know exactly how you feel. things have changed drastically since over the past years. what i remember last of mela or carnival are the “brownie stalls” and “pin the bow”. now melas have become more of a publicity platform rather than fun and games.

  21. That is so true! i know exactly how you feel. things have changed drastically over the past few years. what i rememeber last of a carnival are the “brownie stalls” or “Pin the bow”. now carnivals have become more of a publicity platform rather than fun and games.

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