3 comments on “THINGS I’VE LEARNED…

  1. Great insight into the whole process. Not that the pace of your routine was too fast, but I think sometimes you may need to slow down for the audience to catch up. A new punchline gets drowned out sometimes while the audience is still laughing on the previous punchline.

    I hope that makes sense. Looking forward to more clips of your show.

  2. i think the school tour will work coz most of the “younger” crowd will identify and get the jokes and puns or watever. and i do think it takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there and try to make pple laugh. sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt, but at least u try. not everyone gets the humor, but thats ok.

    this is one of the things in my list to do one day, but i dont think im that funny and no one gets my jokes so i think i would suck. majorly. the other thing i wanted to say, not that im the expert in this and should be giving out advice, but I think you seem to be trying to identify your style with existing comedians. I dont think you need to do that. Its just about being ureself and having your own style.

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