6 comments on “I TUBE, YOU TUBE, WE ALL TUBE…

  1. Finally, you have youtubed your act. Brilliant.

    Dude! that was effing funny!! Great stuff and not just the HA HA funny but the ball-bouncing, uproariously funny (with the knee slapping and the distinct possibility of leakage of body fluids as well).

    Seriously, well done man!

    I shall certainly be forwarding the link to contacts aplenty.

  2. some of your jokes are funny. some so so. and there arent many desi stand up routines so ure act is quite unique. u tend to talk too fast though and i dont know about others but at least for me when im talking too fast is when im quite nervous

  3. I must say vido clips are very hilarious and content is very good and I am sure with little of better lightening and shots from different angles would make video clip even btter.keep the good work up pal and good luck.

  4. I forgot to add….one of my friends mixes cottage cheese and peaches. If fresh peaches aren’t available she’ll add canned peaches.

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