6 comments on “ONE DOWN…FOUR TO GO…

  1. english major cant spell privelige! muahahah.

    it was a great show, congrats! now when you become richer and famous-er, pliss dont forget to distribute your wealth amongst your supporters. tis only fair.

  2. Fantastic show! Even though some of the stuff was repeated from the Open Mic Nights; hilarious nonetheless.

    So glad the comedy scene here is finally opening up!

  3. sami you dirty boyyyyyyyyyyyy!
    besides tha fact that i knew every punchline from the time i printed it out for you!

    and i cracked up at huma’s mis spelt(dammit how do you spell mispelt) word.

  4. Sami, please post the video of one of the shows on either google, youtube, CNN, or on the Fox News channel. Perhaps not on Fox, as it is already too chockful of comedians. But hurry up lad, your international audience awaits! (that includes me by the way).

    Good luck on the rest of the shows – hope all goes splendidly well.

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