14 comments on “A ONE, A TWO, A…

  1. yayyyyy samiiii!
    we’re all coming!
    and zehra and i will cry and scream your name out as promised!
    and we’ll throw our dupattas at you too…also as promised!

  2. the middle guy [as you put him] is saad haroon and the bottom guy [as i’d put him] is danish. and yes- they both can be “viewed” on the real news that airs on play tv.

    tv junky.

  3. I hope it is good enough.

    PS. I called this number, they redirected me to the owner of Planet X, and he redirected me to some other person :D.

  4. Sami you have stamped your dominance yet again with a wonderful performance! Three cheers to you and the gang for putting up such a brilliant show!
    Hope to see you soon again in Isloo!
    Good luck 🙂

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