3 comments on “WHOOPI FOR PREZ…

  1. saaaaaaaaamiiiiiiiiiii!
    i’ve forgotten what you look like!
    hardly the best place to be doing my whining but…come visit!
    i have noone’s nose to flick off anymore!

  2. Yes, the changes were a surprise but then again I am always suspect of political machinations in the US, as I am with many other countries, including my own.

    Palosi as Speaker the House sounds a refreshing change but then you just have to consider her first move to snub all the calls of impeachment for Bush. She also happens to be the staunchest supporter of Israel as is the democratic party (even more so than the republicans).

    Apart from Iraq, Palosi (and the rest of the democrats) will not sway to far from the republican commitments to laws and foreign policy. Palosi and the rest of the democrats (along with the republicans) supported the newly initiated Military Commissions Act and Palosi and the other democrat lot has gone so far as to support the policy of torture approved by the president.

    Great that Rumsfeld’s out but unfortunately, this was not a spur of the moment decision by the Prez but more of a planned political move. Rumsfeld’s replacement is no saint. Gates was directly involved with Iran-contra nonsense and also co-chaired Iraq Study Group (ISG) which ensures the continuity of US Military agenda in the M.E.
    His nomination serves the Texas oil cartel and the military industrial complex.

    Sorry to be so negative but then again, one has to be suspicious of these f*%kers, as they have evidently proved in the past to be never up to any good – ever!

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